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Jan 2014
Company established

With a handful of tools, boundless determination and a shared dream of revolutionizing the wire stripping industry, we founded StripMeister in January 2014. Fueled by our passion for innovation, we set out to create cutting-edge wire stripping solutions that would redefine efficiency and precision in electrical work.

Feb 2014
Original Wire Stripper Public Release

After relentless tinkering and refining, we proudly unveiled our first creation to the world: the Original Wire Stripper. With its ergonomic design and unparalleled performance, it quickly gained recognition among electricians and DIY enthusiasts alike, marking the humble beginnings of our venture.

May 2015
E500 Electric Wire Stripper

As demand soared and word spread about our groundbreaking technology, we were spurred to expand our product line. In May 2015, we introduced the E500 Electric Wire Stripper, a game-changer in the industry with its automated stripping capabilities and enhanced efficiency.

Jan 2016
E1000 Electric Wire Stripper

Building on the success of our previous model, we continued to push the boundaries of innovation. In January 2016, we launched the E1000 Electric Wire Stripper, boasting advanced features and precision engineering that set a new standard for wire stripping excellence.

May 2016
E2000 Electric Wire Stripper

Never content with resting on our laurels, we unveiled our latest creation in May 2016: the E2000 Electric Wire Stripper. This state-of-the-art machine combined cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, earning accolades for its unmatched performance and reliability.

July 2016
E2000X Electric Wire Stripper

Responding to the evolving needs of our customers, we introduced the E2000X Electric Wire Stripper in July 2016. With enhanced functionality and versatility, it quickly became a staple in workshops and factories worldwide, solidifying our reputation as industry trailblazers.

June 2017
E250 Electric Wire Stripper and Retrofit Kit for Original

In June 2017, StripMeister introduced two groundbreaking products simultaneously. The E250 Electric Wire Stripper offered a compact solution for smaller-scale projects, while the Retrofit Kit for Original breathed new life into their debut model, ensuring that no machine was left behind in their quest for innovation.

Nov 2019
E350X Electric Wire Stripper

Continuing our tradition of excellence, we unveiled the E350X Electric Wire Stripper Machine in November 2019. With its cutting-edge features and unmatched performance, it quickly became the go-to choice for professionals seeking precision and reliability in their work.

Sep 2021
Ultra Grip Feed Wheel Update on all machines

In September 2021, we introduced the Ultra Grip Feed Wheel Update, a revolutionary enhancement that elevated the performance of all machines to new heights. Its superior grip and precision ensured smoother operation, increased productivity and massive torque gains across the board.

Mar 2022
Automated Manufacturing

Embracing the latest advancements in technology, we implemented automated manufacturing processes in March 2022. This streamlined production and improved efficiency, allowing us to meet growing demand while maintaining their commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Feb 2024
Company celebrates 10 years

As February 2024 rolled around, we found ourselves reflecting on a decade of innovation, perseverance, and passion. From our humble beginnings to a global leader in wire stripping technology, we celebrated our journey with gratitude for our customers, employees, and the countless individuals who believed in our vision.



The process begins with engineering, where the machine is designed using CAD software. This involves meticulous planning to ensure all functionalities are incorporated. Simulations are conducted to verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the design. Material selection is a crucial aspect during this phase, where high-quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum for structural components and tool steels for knives and feeders are sourced.


Once the design is finalized, manufacturing commences. Raw materials are CNC machined into finished components. Throughout this process, in-process quality control measures are implemented to maintain high standards. After machining, parts undergo a finishing process that involves hardening and polishing to enhance their durability and aesthetic appeal.


Following manufacturing, the assembled machine comes together. This involves the meticulous assembly of mechanical and electrical components, ensuring everything fits together seamlessly to construct the final product.

Testing and Quality Control

Each product and part undergoes rigorous testing and quality control procedures. Mechanical and electrical tests are conducted to ensure the functionality and safety of the machine. Compliance with international standards such as TUV, CSA, and CE is verified to meet requirements for global shipping.

Packaging and Shipping

Once our products have passed quality control, they are prepared for packaging and shipping. They are securely packaged to prevent damage during transit.

Customer Support

Throughout the entire process, customer support is prioritized. This includes providing 24/7 online and phone support for technical inquiries and purchasing assistance. Spare part availability is guaranteed for all machines to ensure continuous operation and maintenance. Additionally, service and repair options are provided for all StripMeister products to ensure customer satisfaction and product longevity.

Sample cables are provided to confirm that our machines are suitable for various applications.


Whether you're a professional technician needing to strip a bulk of scrap wires, or just looking to earn some quick cash with all your left over cables, we have a StripMeister™ that fits your needs and budget.
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Take advantage of our wealth of industry knowledge and demonstrated history of achieving outstanding outcomes.

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All wire strippers and spare parts produced in our manufacturing facilities undergo a rigorous quality assurance process before they are delivered to your door.

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Using leading-edge automation, our manufacturing process is optimized for speed and efficiency.

Made in North America

We are committed to manufacturing every StripMeister™ machine in North America to ensure we have full control over the quality.