Wire Stripping Machines For Metal Recycling Scrapyards

Your business is serious about making money from scrap. Therefore you can not afford to spare on quality equipment to extract the largest value from the material you take in.

Robust, Portable & Capable Wire Stripping Machines

What Makes a StripMeister Unique?

Our feeders are designed to tug and tear wires and cables regardless of their shape. Kinked, twisted, pretzeled wires are no match for our new UltraGrip feeder technology.  Combining that with extra low-end torque from our exclusive DC motor technology allows you to pull bigger, longer cables effortlessly.

Our industry only variable speed controllers allow the perfect cutting speed for each wire gauge.

Recommended Machines

For scrap yards, metal recyclers, demolition and big haul extraction

StripMeister E2000X Wire Stripping Machine

CAD $2,349.00 $2,099.00

Strips wire gauges from 14 Gauge up to 2000 mcm, diameters from .125″ (3.175mm) to 3.13″ (79.5mm) including Romex and braided (stranded) copper and aluminum wire.

Has all the power and features of the E2000 but is enhanced with our new spiral groove technology feeder drive, double slider front guide, built in Romex adaptor and the newly designed DC Drive speed controller.

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StripMeister E1000 Electric Automatic Wire Stripper Machine

CAD $1,699.00 $1,499.00

Strips wire gauges from #18 AWG up to 1000 mcm, diameters from 0.09″ (2.286mm) to 1.4” (35.56mm) including Romex, braided (stranded) copper and aluminum wire.

1/2 HP variable speed Motor coupled with a precision gear box and a PWM variable speed controller delivers hassle-free automatic wire stripping. Ultra durable, extremely simple to use and adjust for most types of copper and aluminum wires up to 1000mcm (0.11” to 1.4” Dia.)

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Why Buy a Powered StripMeister Wire Stripping Machine

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